Confidentiality and Security of Data

We have very strict confidentiality policies.  We will not discuss you or your children to anyone outside of the Nursery.  We will also ensure that your personal data is secure.  Paper records are locked in secure cabinets in the office and are accessible by the manager and deputy managers only.  Data on our computer system is also protected by anti-virus, firewall and email security programmes.  Again, this information is accessible by the manager and deputy managers only.  Information is disclosed to other members of staff on a need to know basis only.


No potential or actual user of the Nursery, whether child, adult or member of staff, will receive less favourable treatment by our Nursery or its staff on the grounds of national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or marital status.

We will ensure that children, irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities, gender or ability, shall have the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable programme of learning and development.

We will promote multi-cultural education through toys and equipment and adult’s active awareness of opportunities.


We have many policies in place and we will provide copies of these on request.  Parents can read our Policies anytime they attend the Nursery.

They include:

  • administration of medication
  • access to information and confidentiality
  • admissions
  • adverse weather
  • allergies
  • animals
  • arrivals and departures
  • baby room
  • behaviour
  • behaviour guidance
  • bereavement
  • biting
  • complaints
  • critical incident
  • dummies
  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • emergency evacuation
  • equality and diversity
  • exclusion periods for common infectious diseases
  • fees policy
  • fire safety
  • food handling
  • food management
  • healthy eating
  • health and safety
  • inclusion
  • key person and buddy system
  • late collection
  • lost child from the Nursery
  • lost child from outings
  • mediation, accident and illness
  • mission and strategy
  • mobile phones, cameras and camcorders
  • nappy changing and toilet training
  • no smoking
  • Nursery operational plan
  • off-site visits
  • outdoor environment
  • outdoor play rules
  • parents as partners
  • parent fails to collect a child
  • parental permission
  • photography
  • risk assessment
  • safeguarding children
  • safe recruitment
  • settling in
  • sleep and rest time
  • special educational needs
  • staff conduct
  • sun care
  • supervision
  • toilet (potty) training
  • toys and play equipment
  • transition and continuit