Meals, Diet and Nutrition

All of our nutritious meals are prepared from scratch by our dedicated chef, Angela.  We provide healthy and nutritionally, well-balanced meals, using only fresh ingredients and seasonal vegetables.  There will be at least two servings of organic fresh fruit every day.  We also have bowls of fruit in the childcare rooms, so the children can help themselves to fruit.  They can also help themselves to water from the water coolers throughout the Nursery. We provide meals that meet each individual child’s dietary needs and we cater for allegies and cultural needs.  Vegetarian meals and non-dairy products are always available.  We follow the guidelines of the Children's Food Trust when devising our menus.  The following is an example menu:

For children that are starting the weaning process, we work closely with parents and carers to ensure that the food we offer babies is at the same feeding frequency as they are getting used to at home.  We are acutely aware that babies should follow their own familiar home routines that have already been established for them and we will ensure that we facilitate this.

8.30am - 9.30am: breakfast: 
cereal, porridge, toast, milk and other fresh fruit drinks.  We supply cows milk, lactose-free milk, soya milk and almond milk.

10.30am: mid-morning snack: 
various snacks, such as crackers, fruit, rice cakes, mini-cheeses, vegetable dips

12.00pm - 12.30pm: lunch: 
freshly-cooked meals and desserts, such as shepherd pie, chili and rice, roast turkey, pasta bake, rice pudding, bananas and custard

4.00pm: tea: 
light meals, such as soups, beans on toast, sausage rolls, mini quiches, sandwiches and fruit, bagels and yoghurt

6.00pm: early dinner: 
freshly-cooked meal and dessert (for those children staying until 7.30pm only)

We encourage the children to get actively involved in cooking activities and we have cookery lessons for the Toddlers and Pre-schoolers every week. 

If your child is allergic to some food or has any particular dietary requirements, please discuss this with our management.  We cater for many children who have allergies and religious requirements.  

All food is included in the daily rate.

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